Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Update on Yesterday's Dinner...

If you've been keeping up with my blog posts (this post in particular:, you already know that I spent yesterday slaving ALL DAY (lol... more like 20 minutes of prep time and a little over an hour of baking time) to make dinner for my hubby and I. We finally sat down to have our dinner, and this is what it looked like...

Fresh out of the oven :)

Lemon Pepper Snook Fillets

Roasted Paprika Potatoes: A note on these... I like my potatoes nice and roasted, therefore I prefer them at a higher heat (450º) for about 45 minutes.

And of course, a close up of our beautiful hand-painted Kate Spode Oven-to-Table bakeware...

The Hubby was very pleased, to say the least.

Tonight, I hope to make the Lobster Tails... Will let you know how that goes, as well...

Happy Blogging :)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Playing "Housewife" day 2...

Unfortunately, I didn't get any calls to work today... which is a a bit ironic since I had multiple schools calling last week. But I guess after the long weekend (some Teachers took off Friday and opted yesterday to enjoy a 4-day weekend), there weren't too many people absent. Fortunetely for the Hubby, that means I was able to get my creative cooking juices flowing, and design a nice yet simple menu for tonight's dinner...

A friend of his Business Partner's, who is now working Part-Time for them, is BIG on fishing. Seriously, this guy is always out on his boat catching something... and we have been fortunate enough to benefit from his hobby. He gifted us a fillet of "Snook" and some Lobster Tails... so I decided to use the fish today. I really have no experience with snook because, until now, I've only cooked tilapia when I want some fish fillet... so I went ahead and searched for a nice baked snook recipe, and came up with a baked lemon pepper snook. Looks easy enough ;) Here is the site where I found the recipe:

I didn't have any "lemon pepper" seasoning, so I just added a bit more "lemon juice" and used my pepper mill. I also added black pepper and both regular iodized salt and salt from my salt mill.

As a side dish, I decided to make roasted potatoes (my hubby LOVES potatoes). I normally make roasted rosemary potatoes when I make chicken breast, etc... but for the fish, I decided to change it up a bit. Since I was experimenting, I went ahead and did a little research by searching for a recipe. This is what I came up with:

I substituted the onion powder for garlic powder, and wasn't very rigid with measurements (actually, I didn't measure at all for this one...).

After preparing everything, I must say it all looks GREAT!!!! I will definitely post an update after everything is cooked and eaten ;)

Happy Blogging :)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Today's Role: "Housewife"

Today is a Teacher Planning Day, which means there is no work for Substitutes. That also means that I get to stay home and play "Housewife". I have a few things to do around here: I've got Laundry to put away, and I have to do a little cleaning. Nothing major. It's nice to have days like this, once in a while... but if I had to stay home every day, I think I would go crazy! Either that, or I'll have cupcakes and scrapbooks covering every inch of the house, which will end up driving my husband crazy...
Happy Blogging :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

8 months! Time FLIES when you're having fun :)

Honestly, I couldn't believe it myself when I looked at my Ticker (in my SoFla Nestie Siggy)...
but here we are...
We had a bit of an eventful morning, what with ants trying to move into our bedroom, and all... (BUT that's another story)
So I guess this is why I hadn't noticed yet, but I sent Hubby a text from my work e-mail saying, "happy 8 months, btw", to which he responded, "oh shit already?"
I guess we really are having fun :)
I can honestly say that we have really be enjoying our time together. Sure, many things have changed... we are always busy, whether celebrating a birthday, getting together with friends, working, spending time on our house (i.e. household chores, renovations, etc)...
But even when we have nothing else to do, we love spending time together on our couch, with our Dog, watching movies and just being... together :) I guess Justine (Fellow Nestie and Talented Wedding Planner - is right... there is something different. It's hard to explain, but you can just feel it.
It's just hard to believe that in 4 months, we will be looking back on an entire year of
happy blogging ;)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

2 days away from our 8 month mark...

The hubs and I have begun talking about what we want to do for our 1 Year Anniversary, aside from eating 1 year-old Wedding Cake ;) I mentioned to him that (assuming I do not get into either Sarasota Opera's Young Artist Program or Palm Beach Opera's Young Artist Program) the weekend of our actual anniversary is opening Night for the Opera (Florida Grand Opera, where I currently sing in the Chorus), so there is not much we can do... I suggested postponing the trip, and go closer to his Birthday, which is exactly one month after our Anniversary, and right after Valentine's Day. He is loving the idea :) We are thinking Vegas, or a Cruise... I don't care where we go, honestly... anything will be fun!

Happy Blogging :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

A special dedication...

Your pedestal is falling down, falling down, falling down

Your pedestal is falling down, falling down, falling down...

Record sales are on the mark

Cause thats about the time the rumors start

Where all the people talking out their ass

Well, someone gotta school ya cause ya got no class

Well I've paid my dues

I'm a seasoned dame

So why you gotta throw salt in my game

You hide behind the computer screens so that you don't have to be seen

How could a person be so mean

Who are you-and what do you do

That makes you think you are above me

But have you walked in my shoes

The pedestal

You put yourself on

Well since I'm breaking it down now

It's gonna collapse and be gone-gone-gone-gone-gone

Probably one of them tag a longs down 4 the free t-shirt

Cause you're a hanger on

You think you got me figured out

Never met me have no clue what I'm about

Maybe I got things you wish you had

You need to stop the hate and get a pen and pad

I work around the clock, so fill your mouth up with a sock

And get you head up off your jock

Tell me who you are and what your background is

Tell me how you're feelin' when you listen to this

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Update on Sarasota Opera Audition

On Sunday, the 13th, my Hubby and I made the 3-hour drive to Sarasota for my Audition with the Sarasota Opera's Apprentice Program. I never get nervous when I have an audition, but this time, I was... the last time I auditioned for this company was back in 2006, and it didn't go as well as I had planned... When I walked into my audition, ready to sing, I offered my first piece from the Opera "L'Africaine". The Conductor interrupts me and says, "Or else...?" I froze. I didn't know what to do! I had never gone to an audition where they didn't want to hear my first piece... He chose a 2nd, and I sang it... but I don't think I fully recovered from the shock, and kind of bombed.

That was then...

This time, I rocked it out. Honestly, I had a pretty fabulous audition. I started with Electra's aria from Mozart's Idomeneo. They seemed to really enjoy it. When I was done, he asked me for the Queen of the Night's vengeance aria, from the opera The Magic Flute (one of the operas they are doing this season). Fortunately, I've done the entire Opera, and own the score... Unfortunately, I had left it in the car with my Hubby. I didn't want to be carrying it around since I was also offering the other aria. I did, however, have the Queen's other aria from the beginning of the Opera, "O zittre nicht...", so I offered him that. He wanted to hear the "fast part" with the coloratura and the high "F". He also inquired about my age before he let me begin, which was interesting. But yeah, I nailed it. I even sustained the "F" to show a nice, free and vibrant sound. I thought he would have heard enough, since they normally don't ask for more than 2 pieces at an audition... but he shocked me when he asked for a 3rd selection... the beginning of "Caro Nome" from Rigoletto, starting from the aria.

I definitely walked out of there with my head held high.

Now to play the waiting game...

Happy Blogging :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

I was browsing one of my FAVORITE blogs, Cupcakes Take The Cake ( and came across this gorgeous cupcake...
this just makes me smile. :-D

Happy Blogging!

Inspirational Moment

As you all know by now (at least, I hope you know), I am an aspiring Opera Singer. I have been training in this "field" for about 11 years now, since I started working with my Voice Teacher, Oscar Diaz, Jr. of Performers Institute. (

When I first walked into his studio, I had NO IDEA that 11 years later, I would be singing Opera... I mean, c'mon... are you serious? Opera?! It took a little adjusting... and really the first few months, maybe even couple of years, I wasn't really sure that I could ever aspire to make a career of this... Seriously? But now, 11 years later, I am still studying with the man that planted the "Opera Seed" into my Brain, and I think I've begun to spring some strong roots ;) In the past 11 years, I have made many improvements, and have developed a sound that I could've NEVER dreamed of. If you want to know what I'm talking about, you can check out the video in the sidebar to the right, or check out

Fortunately, I have been lucky enough to sing with the Florida Grand Opera Chorus, where I have had a "front row seat" watching and listening to MANY inspirational talent. I wanted to take the opportunity to showcase some of these very talented Ladies :)

First up, Elizabeth Caballero (
She is a Cuban Soprano that is REALLY going places! She has sung in the FGO Chorus, Young Artist Program, and debuted on their stage as Mikaela in Carmen. I have had the pleasure of working with Elizabeth Caballero in La Boheme. It is always a pleasure to work with such a polished performer, and especially someone who is giving "Cubans" a good name in this business. ;)

Next up, another Cuban Soprano worthy of mention... Eglise Gutierrez, another Cuban Singer making waves in the Ocean of Opera (
I heard many wonderful things about Eglise starting beginning around 2007. I was fortunate enough to claim a spot as "The Queen of the Night" at the Intermezzo Foundation's Summer Program (, headed up Mitchell Piper. Coincidentally, Mr. Piper manages Eglise's Career through Intermezzo Artist Management. In 2008, Eglise was contracted to sing the role of Violetta in La Traviata with Florida Grand Opera... and I once again was able to see her work, up close and personal.

Last, but SURELY not the least is Leah Partridge ( Leah is a wonderful example of something that seems to be lacking in Opera these days... and that is beautiful "Bel Canto" line, uninterrupted by "bad teaching". Her technique is superb, and her style is always just right... She was my first big inspiration after I saw her perform the role of Lucia in Lucia di Lammermoor with Florida Grand Opera. I was in the Chorus, and was able to observe every nuance, and every detail of her singing. She is fantastic!

Well, that pretty much does it for today... Not to say that there are not any more singers that I am inspired by, or that I listen to, etc... but I thought I would go easy on you all ;) After all, I can't give it all away at once... Maybe next time we'll talk about the guys... or maybe we will talk about singers of the past... I guess we'll just have to see where my Inspiration takes me :)

Happy Blogging!

My first experiment with Royal Icing :)

Last night I decided to bake some cookies, and experiment with Royal Icing :) This is what I ended up with... Everything I used was store-bought - Pillsburry Sugar Cookie Dough, and Icing bought from the baking aisle at Publix - but I do intend on making my own from scratch... I just didn't know how I felt about using the stuff.

It works pretty well... I actually like it better than piping with regular frostin... and I like the fact that it hardens as it dries. The only problem with the store-bought ones is that the containers are not very flexible, like when you're "piping" the designs on... I believe you have more control when you have a bag in your hand... That's just my opinion though...

If you have any special "techniques" or tips you can share, please do!

Happy Blogging!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

<3 Backstage at the Opera <3

I came across some old photos from my backstage antics with the Florida Grand Opera chorus, and I thought I'd share... Good times ;) ENJOY!

These dark haired versions of me are from the Opera "Carmen", which is also going to be presented this season. It's actually a great story filled with WONDERFUL music - many tunes are actually very famous, and recognizable. If you've ever wanted to see an Opera, but didn't know how to go about it, or weren't sure which one you should go see... this is a DEFINITE must!!! It's a great choice for an "Opera Virgin" ;)

This production took place when we were still at the Dade County Auditorium. Since then, FGO has found a new venue - The Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts, formerly known as the Carnival Center.
Posing backstage in my "Gypsy" Costume.

On stage in the "Cigarette Girl" Scene with The Haitian Diva,

This silly photo is from the production "Manon Lescaut". This was my 2nd Costume. I kind of look like Princess Toadstool, or something ;) That wig was huge and HEAVY!!!!

These last photos are from the French Opera, "Samson et Dalila" My First Costume was as one of the "Handmaidens" so to speak... I loved this costume! Very comfy...
And this is from "Samson et Dalila" during the Orgy Scene where we transformed!

I'll see what else I can dig up :) Hope you enjoyed my trip down Memory Lane!
If you are interested in seeing any shows from our upcoming season, visit
Happy Blogging!

how CUTE is this?!

ok, so i came across this and couldn't help but think "how cute!!!!!!!!!!!"... so, of course, i had to share... this and tons of other cute cupcake stuff can be found at:
simply IRRESISTABLE!!!!! ;)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Palm Beach Opera & Young Artist Programs

Thanks to a good friend of mine, Jouvanca, I was informed that Palm Beach Opera was still in search of a Soprano, (2) Tenors and a Baritone.... OF COURSE I went ahead and applied, and am now waiting to see if I am granted an audition :::fingers crossed:::

I got extremely excited when I found out, not only because they are so close by, but because they are looking for someone who sings my same REP! If chosen, I would be singing "Frasquita" in Carmen, along with covering a few others... It's a wonderful opportunity, and I am soooo excited to be reaching for it :)

AND in less than 1 week I will be auditioning (for the 3rd time, mind you) for Sarasota Opera's Young Artist program. You know what they say... 3rd time's a Charm ;) Well, we shall see!!!!

will continue to update on the status of my applications and auditions... :)


I can't help it... for the last few weeks, or so, I have acquired this HUGE obsession.... for cupcakes. And, no.... not eating them (maybe just one), but making them!! I CAN'T STOP! I want to make them for any event... even just a small get together... I have gone so far as to have a get-together in my house when a few friend of mine and I actually sat down and decorated cupcakes! They were fantastic... Photos coming soon ;) Anyway, to make a long story short... I cannot begin to explain how much I love baking... I have always loved cooking; I seriously, honestly, do... but baking??? Now here is something that I can really put my creativity into... and on top of that... it's edible!!!! I really don't know how this all happened... I mean, I am always looking for an "outlet" for my creativity... but I think I finally found it :) Will share photos, I promise...

How do you let out YOUR creativity? What is your "Outlet"? :)

Happy Blogging!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Just rambling a bit...

So, I am trying to keep up with my posting, since I had abandoned it for so long (partly because i only post when I'm at work, and I was off all Summer, and just started Substituting again). But here I am again :)

Today I am at Miami Springs Elementary, covering for a Math Teacher. I have to administer the Math Baseline/Benchmark Exam for Block 2 and 3. Right now, I'm actually not doing anything, just hanging out until 11:16 when the 2nd Block class arrives... But actually, I like subbing a lot... It's flexible, and relatively easy. It's great because I get a constant change of Scenery... I am usually not in the same place more than 1 day straight... I am in the same school today, but I have completely different kids. It's nice :) But best of all, because it's so flexible, I can continue to persue my career in Opera while I make some money :) It all works out...

Well, I have this friend. He's a Teacher, actually, and I also know him through the "Opera" Circuit. I was talking to him, and it seems that within the last few months, several members of his family have been in car accidents. Yesterday, the 5th one occured (happening to his Brother's girlfriend). It's very strange... they've all been pretty consistent too. He also feels as if he's had a "wierd" feeling hanging over him the last few months. Well, he's a Religious person, so he decided to light a candle to Michael the Archangel... and he says that when he did... the flame kinda went crazy at first... and afterwards, everything calmed down, and he has felt much more at peace. Isn't that a bit wierd? Not him lighting the candle... I actually know a lot of people who do that, and it helps... but just these happenings? What's even wierder is that last Saturday, we were headed to a party together and he was in the car with me and my Husband... when I was getting off the Palmetto merging onto US-1, there was this Dodge Ram behind me that looked like it wasn't going to stop! I freaked, and honked the horn in an effort to say, "I'M HERE! DON'T 'RAM' ME!!!!!"... thank GOD he didn't... but still, it was wierd...

anyway, i'm going to wrap this post up... if anything else interesting comes up, i'll be back ;) happy blogging to all!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

catching up...

hello everyone!

just taking some time to catch up on my reading, and wave "HELLO" to the blog world...

a little update... unfortunately, i did NOT get a call-back for Chicago Lyric Opera. actually, none of the people from my studio did... i felt really REALLY great about my audition, and feel that i was "remembered" by the auditioners, but unfortunately, my resume is not as extensive as it should be for a company of that calibur... nonetheless, i am continuing. i have an audition in Sarasota for Sarasota Opera on the 14th, have 9 applications filled, and 19 to go! let's just pray that i can get enough work (substituting for dade county public schools) to pay for it all (the flights, hotels, application fees, lessons, etc).

alright... will be back later on with more to write... meanwhile, catching up on reading my favorites!