Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Yellow Love Bird

In the school where I am teaching (yes, I got a new job, but that's another story which I'll write an update on later), there is a Building that has an aviary... it's really nice cause on each side of the hallway, there are these huge cages. There are 3 in total... 2 on one side, and 1 on the other. Every day, when I pass by this area, I always admire the beautiful birds, and listen to them chirp. I couldn't help but notice this gorgeous, bright yellow, love bird. You can't help but notice this one, because it is the only one of it's kind among all the other, more standard, love birds. You know, the green ones with the red face, neck and chest. Not that those love birds are in any way inferior to t
he yellow one... This Yellow one merely stands out cause it's, really, the only one that looks like this.

Sometimes, I walk by, and this Yellow Love Bird is perched on a branch in the very center of the cage, surrounded by some of the other birds... but sometimes, it is off in a corner, alone. Ignored. It is almost as if the other birds are offended by the fact that this bird is different, and naturally calls so much attention to itself. Loved by some, hated by others. I am sure that the other birds look at it from afar and talk bad about it, in their little birdy chirps... yet sometimes, they can't stop bragging about how they know it, and are it's BFF...

Isn't it funny how we humans are the same? After all, our Human Nature is pretty animalistic. We separate ourse
lves from the animals and rise above by having vocabulary, wearing clothing, etc... but in the end, we are all animals. Sometimes, a "Yellow Love Bird" comes around... we are either intrigued by the presence of this creature, and are drawn towards it. We want to be it's BFF. But sometimes, or eventually, we are threatened, and offended by it... by all the attention it gets. It's only because of issues that we have with ourselves, deep down inside, we wish we were that beautiful, bright yellow, bird, with all it's charm, grace and wonderful qualities. We are so caught up with wanting to be that bird, and have what that bird has, that we do not realize that we are great the way we are. Instead, we spend all our time bitching and complaining about what the bird did or didn't do, or about how the bird purposely draws attention
to itself, and how terrible the bird is (for whatever reasons we make up). But are they really that terrible? Or is it the low self-esteem that some have inside getting the best of them?

Sometimes, I feel like that Yellow Love Bird... I am not perfect, but neither is it. It is just different, in it's own way... and sometimes, people can't accept different... especially when it interferes with their ideas about themselves. I am different the way we all are, and I can only be me.

Happy Blogging! :)