Friday, November 5, 2010

Friends (and an update, of course)...

I have been so incredibly busy that I haven't been around... I apologize! For those of you that still take the time to keep my blog in your reading list, here is an update... stay with me! ;)

I started teaching again... as you already know (I believe I mentioned this is my last post), and since then, things have been SUPER busy! Two of my good friends are getting married, one in 4 months, the other in 8, plus we have another Engagement in the family without a set date, but aiming for the end of 2011... very exciting.

As if all of that wasn't enough, my cousin, who is now living in California, gave birth to her first child today. A daughter by the name of Isabella :) All is good in the world...

Turandot opens on the 13th of November, and rehearsals for that show are always nuts. It was the first show I worked in with FGO back in 2004... and I think it is safe to say that we pretty much forgot how hectic and involved the show is. The ultimate outcome, however, is gorgeous, and I encourage everyone to check it out!

I had one audition a little while back which did not turn out an offer, but I am sure there will be more... I am trying not to stress it. What's meant to be will be :) I will just keep doing my thing until it does...

I have had so many id
eas for different posts, lately... But I haven't had ANY time to sit and produce anything... so, here I finally am with something I thought about a few weeks back...

It all started when my Hubby and I had a Friday night off, and decided to spend it relaxing, and maybe going out for some dinner. I had been dying to try this place "Lime" which I had heard was really good. We love Mexican places like that, so we thought we'd check it out. I decided to call another couple we hang out with and see if they would like to join us, especially since my friend really enjoys Mexican food, and I figured she would want to give it a try. I get them on the phone, and her Fiance (my other friend) starts saying that they are doing stuff, etc, but that he would let m
e know. A few minutes later, he calls me back and is acting all weird... "I don't know if we can go..." and "I'll let you know, but I don't know"... etc. He sounded SO weird, like he wasn't really acting like himself... so I just came out and said, "Listen, you are not obligated to go out with us... we like hanging out with you guys, which is why we invite you, but if you have stuff to do we will not be offended! Honestly, but don't give me this BS... either you want to/can go or you don't/can't". So we hung up, and a few minutes later his fiance called, saying that what he meant was that they were doing stuff and even though they wanted to go, would have to pass." I, of course, told her it was fine! I really meant it too... I am not one of those people tha
t don't go to someone's event cause they didn't come to mine, or that gets offended if you don't want to come, or can't make it... honestly, it's not that serious! In the end, they did finish up everything, and met us over at Lime, and it was cool... true friends don't hold grudges for silly things like that.

My point is... when you really want to be someone's friend, you are understanding and open to them, no matt
er what. It is a choice we make. We have many opportunities every day to make choices. The fact that he was being so wishy-washy with me was so weird, and I honestly didn't like that! Friends should be honest to each other... Honestly! I have friends who I feel I can truly say what is on my mind to... and if they get a little upset, I know they'll eventually get over it, and we'll keep being friends... but at least they know how I feel! I shouldn't have to go behind their backs (or them going behind mine) talking trash, and shoving my opinion in people's faces. It is especially hurtful when you have to hear from your own family member
s that people you consider are your lifelong friends are talking bad about you... The fact of the matter is, opinions are like assholes... (I am sure you know where I'm going with this). Everyone does what they want with their life... again, we have choices. I choose to try and live positively. I have had enough negativity in my life for a long time now... and I just rather not stress. I rather be a happy person, for me, and for the people who choose to be around me. I am who I am, and I hope people accept me for me... the good and the bad.

Happy Blogging :)