Wednesday, June 30, 2010

On a lighter note... PANDORA!!!!!

Ok, so I got yet ANOTHER pandora charm from my Hubby (he's the best)... It's a cupcake, because of my obsession with baking and decorating cupcakes... I attached a picture of it... so cute!

Sometimes, I sit back and I realize... I have soo much to be thankful for... a wonderful Family which grew on 1/24/09 when I married my Sweetheart, awesome friends... I am too BLESSED to be STRESSED!!!

Happy Blogging! :)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Stupid People

**RANT WARNING - TO THE TUNE OF "It's my party and I cry if I want to"**

It's my blog, and I rant if I want to!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sometimes, I just wish that some people would just S*T*F*U*!!!!! Seriously. My patience is running very thin. It amazes me to see some people act so foolishly, running their mouths about everything, thinking they are experts on everything and anything ever invented, when they know nothing about the other person, or what their day to day life entails. It amazes me even more to see how some people think the world revolves around them and that everything that is going on around them is linked to their lives... I will never understand some of these people!

Anyone who really knows me KNOWS that I am constantly going out of my way for the people I care about. I have stayed up until 4 in the morning working on projects for friends and family, driving across town to pick people up from the airport... hell, I go as far as to inconvenience myself to make others happy. I don't do it for any personal gain. I don't feel that I need to prove this to anyone, but once in a while, even if it's for my own benefit, I remind myself that this is how I've always been... I don't expect people who do not take the time to know who I really am to understand any of this - especially when most of what they do in their lives is for their own personal gain. Hence why these people should all flock together, using each other, and spitting each other out.

I am very lucky because I may not have a million friends, but the few that I have are GOOD friends, who are there for me. I have no complaints! I know that if I need something, I have at least 4-5 people ready to jump to my aid... some of them who I haven't known very long at all, but who have taken an interest in really getting to know me... I am truly blessed.

Ok... rant over. The end.

Happy Blogging! :)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Why Cuba did not participate in the World Cup 2010 (Hilarious!)

I was checking up on recent postings from my blog-roll, when I noticed that my friend Ms. Sunshine of Why Women Should Love Sports posted this video... This is absolutely HILARIOUS!!! Granted, not everyone that views this blog will understand... and I do apologize for that... but I am sure you will at least find some humor in it ;) Enjoy!

Happy Blogging! :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

"How-To" Anything!

While browsing around the World Wide Web, I found some videos that I thought were interested, and I wanted to share...

To start off, I found this YouTube Channel... Yoyomax12! She teaches, step by step, how to make all sorts of desserts. As the title to her YouTube channel states, "Cookind and Baking and Crafting OH MY!". She also demonstrates techniques to be used with creating cupcakes from "Hello, Cupcake!" and "What's new, Cupcake?" (Truth be told, "Hello, Cupcake!" was the book that actually got me into baking and decorating cupcakes...).

There are also a few postings with the actual authors of the two books... you can watch them create yellow rubber-duck cupcakes by clicking here. They just make it look so easy!!

All of this just goes to show that the internet has so much to offer... Don't know how to do something, or want to see someone else demonstrate... just look it up! :) It's fantastic! I remember the first few times I used a piping bag, I wanted to see someone else (a professional) do it, so I went to YouTube, and found my answer!

Even companies like Wilton offer blogs and videos for people to create all sorts of goodies at home...

I need to pick up a copy of "What's New, Cupcake?" and try out some of those projects...

Happy Blogging! :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pandora CRAZY!

Ok, so many of you might remember this post, when my Hubby got me my first Pandora bracelet (which I had wanted so, SO bad) for my birthday, along with my first 3 charms...

Well, it has been a month since then (give or take a day) and I am pleased to announce that my bracelet is growing!!! I have since added the following charms:

This little purse was a gift

And I got this one for myself, to celebrate the fact that Jared now carries the charms in the store!!!! I just had to :)

Just thought I'd share my excitement :) I highly recommend these bracelets and charms! And, of course, the entire line of pandora jewelry is very cute...

Happy Blogging! :)

I would like to introduce you to...

Mr & Mrs P! They are friends of mine, a young, newlywed couple, who have decided to start their own blog about cooking, gardening, home decor, and party planning. Their blog is very new, (probably about a week or so old) with only a handful of postings, but it is very promising! I urge you to follow them as they add new recipes and posts... they will be posting on a very regular basis!

Click here to check them out!

Happy Blogging! :)

Cupcake Wars

So I finally caught one episode of the show... I had been reminded by a few people that I know to watch it, but somehow I missed last weeks, and finally caught the midnight showing of today's show...

I have to say that I was a bit torn as I watched. A local Bakery, Cupcakes Nouveau were competing, along with a Vegan Cupcake baker, and two other traditional cupcake creators. I honestly felt that what the Miami girls brought to the table was really great, and was disappointed to see them eliminated after the 2nd round, despite all the creativity and cuteness they brought to the table. I haven't personally tried their cupcakes, but I have heard wonderful things about them. There was actually a review posted about them (click here to view it) on my favorite cupcake blog, Cupcakes Take The Cake... but unfortunately, the Vegan girl ended up winning the prize. Her display was fantastic, I must say, and it is definitely a wonderful opportunity for her, especially since she has only been baking professionally for 3 months, but I honestly don't know how I feel about Vegan Cupcakes. I guess I'll have to try some out for myself someday and see.

Anyway, if you like cupcakes, and you want to check out the show, it is airing on Tuesday nights at 9pm on the Food Network. Hopefully, I'll be able to watch it at it's normal time next time around ;)

Happy Blogging! :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Haitian Diva's "Aloha" Party

I wanted to take a moment to share some photos from a party we put together for a good friend of ours... It fell upon her closest friends, Alex, Michelle and I, to throw a good send off for The Haitian Diva, Jouvanca. She will be leaving us for a journey across the country to San Jose, California to sing with Opera San Jose this 2010-2011 Season in the roles of "Tosca" in Tosca, "Anna Karenina" in Anna Karenina and "Mimi" in the opera La Bohe

What better way to send off our friend than to say "Aloha", since it does mean both Goodbye and Hello... Jouvanca will not be gone for ever, so this was our way of getting together with her closest friends, and bidding her Farewell and Good Luck!

Here are some photos of the party setup... If you follow me on Facebook, there are photos of the event (with people) as well. We had a FANTASTIC time, and totally caught her off guard... she was completely and utterly surprised! Our evil plan worked ;)

We had some Barbecue, took a dip in the pool under a clear night sky, and laughed the night away...

Jouvanca, we are so glad you enjoyed your party, and wish you all the Luck and Success you deserve!

Happy Blogging! :)

Drop Dead Diva!!!!!!!!!!!

I am totally loving Season 2... every episode just keeps getting better and better! If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's a show on Lifetime called "Drop Dead Diva" about an aspiring model who dies and returns to life in a size 16 body of a smarty pants lawyer.

Let me just say, the show is fantastic!!! I was seriously about to jump out of my seat as I caught up with Episode 3 on (If you would like to watch them, check out and search for Drop Dead Diva). Here is a link to the most recent episode... click here! The show is very entertaining, and I am totally loving the fact that our Heroine is a size 16! Who says the skinny girls have to have all the fun ;)

I definitely suggest you check it out...

Happy Blogging! :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer once again...

It is sometimes hard to believe how quickly time flies by... We find ourselves again in Summertime...

It is very hot here, in South Florida... even the dogs are feeling a little extra lethargic. But the weather has been pretty nice, and when there's a nice breeze, it's nice to be outside enjoying this Summer weather...

Nothing major to report lately... same old! Hoping to be back in our little house soon! :) Living with the in-law's is great, but sometimes you just need your own little space.

Again, not much to say... :) Stay cool!!!

Happy Blogging! :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Check this blog out...

Been busy, and actually in the middle of a few things right now... but I wanted to introduce this new blog to my readers, out there...

definitely worth checking out ;)

Happy Blogging! :)