Thursday, June 24, 2010

"How-To" Anything!

While browsing around the World Wide Web, I found some videos that I thought were interested, and I wanted to share...

To start off, I found this YouTube Channel... Yoyomax12! She teaches, step by step, how to make all sorts of desserts. As the title to her YouTube channel states, "Cookind and Baking and Crafting OH MY!". She also demonstrates techniques to be used with creating cupcakes from "Hello, Cupcake!" and "What's new, Cupcake?" (Truth be told, "Hello, Cupcake!" was the book that actually got me into baking and decorating cupcakes...).

There are also a few postings with the actual authors of the two books... you can watch them create yellow rubber-duck cupcakes by clicking here. They just make it look so easy!!

All of this just goes to show that the internet has so much to offer... Don't know how to do something, or want to see someone else demonstrate... just look it up! :) It's fantastic! I remember the first few times I used a piping bag, I wanted to see someone else (a professional) do it, so I went to YouTube, and found my answer!

Even companies like Wilton offer blogs and videos for people to create all sorts of goodies at home...

I need to pick up a copy of "What's New, Cupcake?" and try out some of those projects...

Happy Blogging! :)

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