Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Haitian Diva's "Aloha" Party

I wanted to take a moment to share some photos from a party we put together for a good friend of ours... It fell upon her closest friends, Alex, Michelle and I, to throw a good send off for The Haitian Diva, Jouvanca. She will be leaving us for a journey across the country to San Jose, California to sing with Opera San Jose this 2010-2011 Season in the roles of "Tosca" in Tosca, "Anna Karenina" in Anna Karenina and "Mimi" in the opera La Bohe

What better way to send off our friend than to say "Aloha", since it does mean both Goodbye and Hello... Jouvanca will not be gone for ever, so this was our way of getting together with her closest friends, and bidding her Farewell and Good Luck!

Here are some photos of the party setup... If you follow me on Facebook, there are photos of the event (with people) as well. We had a FANTASTIC time, and totally caught her off guard... she was completely and utterly surprised! Our evil plan worked ;)

We had some Barbecue, took a dip in the pool under a clear night sky, and laughed the night away...

Jouvanca, we are so glad you enjoyed your party, and wish you all the Luck and Success you deserve!

Happy Blogging! :)


  1. Sigh...you guys really know how to tug at a diva's heartstrings. Next party will be for when YOU get out to OSJ :-)

  2. from your lips to God's ears :)