Friday, March 27, 2009

Teacher Planning Day

So, today is a Teacher Planning Day, and I really don't have much to do... I have already finished entering all the grades, effort and conduct for the 3rd Nine Weeks, and am just sitting around, waiting to see what I do next... I think I'm going to organize the kids work, and create work folders for them... I am also going to find out if they are planning on moving me to my new Music Room!!! I hope so, because I'm tired of being cramped in this small room (especially when my 5th period class of 36 rolls in). For lunch? Who knows... especially since it's another Friday in Lent, and I can't eat meat... too bad, cause Moe's would've been nice. I can't wait to get out of here!!

If anything mildly interesting happens, I'll be back to post... 'til then... see ya later!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Break and Disney!!!

I am soo happy and excited... Spring Break is almost here!!! The week after next, I will be off, which is wonderful for many reasons: I FINALLY get to officially change my name, sleep in for a couple of days, AND go to Disney World with DH, my Mom, her friend, her friends son, and a HUGE group! We are even going to go eat at Chef Mickey's (I've never been there, and I hear it's awesome). I love vacation!!!! Ticker
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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Yes! The Diva COOKS! :)

My husband had been begging me to make this dish that I made for him about 2 weeks ago... So I took the opportunity to prepare it tonight, with pictures and all, and share it with you all :) I call by what it is... Fetuccini with Peas and Pancetta. :)
Here are the ingredients I like to use:

Of course, you can use any other brand, or variation of the above. The items above are: Kraft Parmesean Cheese (1/2 a cup), Classico Creamy Alfredo (entire jar), Barilla Fetuccini (entire box), Birds Eye Steamfresh Sweet Peas (entire package), Boar's Head Pancetta (1/2 a pound) and 2% milk (1 cup).

Here are the steps:

First, boil water with some salt and olive oil. When water is "bubbling", add the entire box of Fetuccini.

Next, begin "tearing apart" the slices of Pancetta. I just use my hands, which is easier for me, but you can cut them as well.

Once you are done "ripping apart" the Pancetta, drain the Fettucini, and place it back into the pot where you cooked it. Make sure you set it aside on a cool surface, and not back where you were cooking it ;)

By now, it's a good time to start steaming the Peas. They go into the Microwave for 5 minutes.

Next, place the Pancetta in a pan, and brown it a bit.

I like to let it sit in the pan for a few minutes, while I wait for the peas to finish up in the Microwave... make sure to stir the Pancetta around a bit, to keep it from sticking.

Once the peas are done, add them to the Pancetta in the pan

Stir the Peas and Pancetta together for about a minute, then add the jar of Alfredo Sauce.

Stir all the ingredients together.

Some might want to stop here, mix the sauce with the fettucini, and move on... but I personally like to add a little something extra to my recipe. After stirring everything together in the pan, before adding it to the Fettucini, I like to add about a cup of milk, and half a cup of Parmesean Cheese. This make the sauce a bit softer, and easier to blend with the Fettucini.

The end result... a delicious and EASY dish that will please pretty much anyone :)


Welcome to my World!

Greetings fellow Bloggers :) After careful consideration, I have finally decided to start my own blog! I realize this is something that takes time, and dedication... but I believe I am ready to fully commit to this task ;)

But all that aside... as a Newlywed (just hit our two month mark yesterday), and an aspiring Opera Singer, I figured this would be a good way to share my day to day experiences with whoever is willing to "listen" (or "read" in this case).

I hope you enjoy my blog, as I will attempt to make it as enjoyable as possible ;)

Yours Truly,