Monday, June 29, 2009

i was lost... but now i am FOUND!!!

so yea... i've been REALLY lost... this time i really did it... lol. but what can i say? things have been incredibly crazy this past month, or so...

since school has been out, i've been busy, to say the least. needless to say, i have some updates. :) here goes nothing...

so i am officially unemployed... but NEVER FEAR!!! the hubby's business is doing quite well (please keep us in your prayers that things only continue on this wonderful track), and i went ahead and filed for unemployment to stay afloat in the meantime.

i have continued singing... of course!!! actually, i was recently on TV (on WLRN) singing in this "American Ideal" concert with the Coral Gables Opera. here is a link to the duet i sang with my colleague, Genesis http://

to make things even sweeter, after being put on a waiting list with the lyric opera of chicago for an audition, i was FINALLY granted a time on july 10th... which means that i'm headed to CHICAGO!!! thankfully, i won't be headed out there alone... my good friend miguel (http:// also has an audition with them the following day. this should be fun :)

other than that, i've just been cleaning up this house, after the aftermath of my hubby's business has finally moved out, and sometimes not doing much at all...

thanks for listening :) now i need to see what all my blogs that i normally keep up with have been up to... this is going to take a while!!! lol


  1. I'm glad that you are back and blogging! Good luck with everything else! Thinga always happen for a reason..

  2. Aww so glad you are taking the job thing as a positive thing. Lots and Lots of luck on the singing! Im sure you will do great!