Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Wow... time flies! I couldn't believe it myself when I looked to see when my last entry was... but it really has been over 2 months! I know, I know... BAD blogger... :( Sorry! But I guess this means it's time for a major update... hold on to your hats, cause here we go!

Ok, so the Voices for Haiti Benefit Concert went SUPER well!!! We made a lot of money, and had a pretty big turnout. We packed the Coral Gables Congregational Church, and of course, for a good cause :)

We have been staying in my In-Law's home for a little over 2 months now due to some stuff that needs to be fixed in our home... And I know what man of you are thinking... but It actually hasn't been too bad at all :) Granted, nothing compares to having your own space, but I have had a chance to see our Nephew practically on a daily basis which is great (he is just the most adorable baby in the world, and I have enjoyed spending time with him), and we still have a pretty good amount of privacy. The downside was the fact that we had to come over with our 2 dogs, one of which had to go to my Mom's after she went in heat in a house full of boy dogs. That definitely wasn't going to work. The other was not even 4 months old when we came over, so that has been a bit of a challenge. She is now 6 months old, and graduating from Puppy School at Petsmart (Graduation is May 3rd). She is doing a lot better and is learning more and more every day!

My best friend (who was my Maid of Honor) got engaged! She was in NYC with her BF for Spring Break, and he proposed in Time Square using the big American Eagle Screen... Nice job ;) They are setting a date for Summer 2012. I am so happy for her :)

Going to Disney on Memorial Weekend for my 28th Birthday with the Hubby. His Business Partner and Family are coming too :) I am sooooo looking forward to it :) Can't wait!

Let's see... what else??? Hm... I don't know what else to say for now... so I guess I'll just leave you with this song I've been listening to from the Musical "Wicked" which I went to see ;) It was FANTASTIC!!! I highly recommend it ;)

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