Sunday, February 6, 2011

Things are starting to settle down (for a little while anyway)

The start of 2011 has been pretty hectic, to say the least. I started off by doing triple-duty: Full-Time Teacher, Opera Chorister, and College Student... Not to mention we also celebrated our 2-year Wedding Anniversary at the end of the month. Things were more than hectic... They were INSANE!

I am happy to report that I survived my first college course, after graduating almost 5 years ago with my Bachelors, and I not only survived... I Aced it ;) go me! Truth be told, the class wasn't too difficult. It's actually for Teacher Certification and is one of 3 I am required to take for issuance of my Professional Teaching Certificate in Music. I will also be applying for the Elementary Education Certificate to have as a back-up, due to the sketchy school-system situation. I am enjoying Teaching, and will stick to it until something better (in my singing career) comes up.

We are getting ready to wrap-up Hoffmann too! Six shows down, two to go. The show has actually gotten pretty good reviews all around, which is great. It's a new production, and I have enjoyed being a part of it :)

Until next time... Happy Blogging!

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