Thursday, August 6, 2009

Questions that pop in every once in a while...

Why is it that some people think that they are the center of the Universe? Granted, there are moments when you feel like no one else exists but you, or you and another person, etc... But honestly... Why is it that people feel they need to share their opinion 24/7, 365? Like really... sometimes, I feel like asking those people... "Who f-ing cares what YOU think?!" We live in a world of many options and opinions. Everywhere you turn, there are different paths you can take for basically any situation. Some of us give our opinions freely with certain people. I for one only share my true feelings with my closest friends, or if I feel they might benefit from what I have to say. I am only honest with those that are closest to me... but there really are things that even they dont' want to hear... Honestly. Who died and made these people the Kings and Queens of Opinion?

Not only that... but sometimes, these same people complain about how someone else made a comment or gave their opinion freely to them. They sit around and talk trash, saying that they can't believe this person made this comment, and what business is it of theirs, etc... but then, they turn around and make a thousand more comments about other people as well... about things that are absolutely none of their business, mind you.

Another thing that I have always wondered is... if you have something to say that you don't feel comfortable saying to someone's face... why would you say that in front of someone that is a close friend or a family member of that person? I mean, honestly... Not smart.

People need to get off their high horse. Don't sit around talking about how YOU came up with something first, or YOU were going to do this first after someone else was going to do it, and blah blah blah... Point is unless you are some serious inventor or the most creative person to touch the soil of this earth, most likey you are not the first person to come up with a creative thought. All your creativity and style comes from somewhere. A mixture of what you see, and what you have inside you.

This has been a reading from the book of Mrs. R... lmfao!!

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