Thursday, September 3, 2009

catching up...

hello everyone!

just taking some time to catch up on my reading, and wave "HELLO" to the blog world...

a little update... unfortunately, i did NOT get a call-back for Chicago Lyric Opera. actually, none of the people from my studio did... i felt really REALLY great about my audition, and feel that i was "remembered" by the auditioners, but unfortunately, my resume is not as extensive as it should be for a company of that calibur... nonetheless, i am continuing. i have an audition in Sarasota for Sarasota Opera on the 14th, have 9 applications filled, and 19 to go! let's just pray that i can get enough work (substituting for dade county public schools) to pay for it all (the flights, hotels, application fees, lessons, etc).

alright... will be back later on with more to write... meanwhile, catching up on reading my favorites!

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