Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Palm Beach Opera & Young Artist Programs

Thanks to a good friend of mine, Jouvanca, I was informed that Palm Beach Opera was still in search of a Soprano, (2) Tenors and a Baritone.... OF COURSE I went ahead and applied, and am now waiting to see if I am granted an audition :::fingers crossed:::

I got extremely excited when I found out, not only because they are so close by, but because they are looking for someone who sings my same REP! If chosen, I would be singing "Frasquita" in Carmen, along with covering a few others... It's a wonderful opportunity, and I am soooo excited to be reaching for it :)

AND in less than 1 week I will be auditioning (for the 3rd time, mind you) for Sarasota Opera's Young Artist program. You know what they say... 3rd time's a Charm ;) Well, we shall see!!!!

will continue to update on the status of my applications and auditions... :)


  1. Good luck!! Or should I say break a leg? Either way..hope you get it!

  2. Best wishes! That sounds amazing!