Friday, September 11, 2009

My first experiment with Royal Icing :)

Last night I decided to bake some cookies, and experiment with Royal Icing :) This is what I ended up with... Everything I used was store-bought - Pillsburry Sugar Cookie Dough, and Icing bought from the baking aisle at Publix - but I do intend on making my own from scratch... I just didn't know how I felt about using the stuff.

It works pretty well... I actually like it better than piping with regular frostin... and I like the fact that it hardens as it dries. The only problem with the store-bought ones is that the containers are not very flexible, like when you're "piping" the designs on... I believe you have more control when you have a bag in your hand... That's just my opinion though...

If you have any special "techniques" or tips you can share, please do!

Happy Blogging!

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