Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I can't help it... for the last few weeks, or so, I have acquired this HUGE obsession.... for cupcakes. And, no.... not eating them (maybe just one), but making them!! I CAN'T STOP! I want to make them for any event... even just a small get together... I have gone so far as to have a get-together in my house when a few friend of mine and I actually sat down and decorated cupcakes! They were fantastic... Photos coming soon ;) Anyway, to make a long story short... I cannot begin to explain how much I love baking... I have always loved cooking; I seriously, honestly, do... but baking??? Now here is something that I can really put my creativity into... and on top of that... it's edible!!!! I really don't know how this all happened... I mean, I am always looking for an "outlet" for my creativity... but I think I finally found it :) Will share photos, I promise...

How do you let out YOUR creativity? What is your "Outlet"? :)

Happy Blogging!


  1. My outlets? Poetry and creating fabulous new food recipes ;-)

    Now that you've revealed your love of cupcakes, I must enlist you to bake some for my 80s party...you've been DRAFTED!

  2. LOL Ok sounds good :) And I'll make sure they go with the Theme ;)

  3. I know how you feel... I began my obsession last year with decorating cupcakes. It's hard to stop! Have you read Hello Cupcake! ? It has so many cute ideas!!

  4. YES!!! I <3 that book :) My Aunt had it and didn't use it, so it became mine... and there my addiction began! I can't wait till the follow-up comes out ;)