Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Playing "Housewife" day 2...

Unfortunately, I didn't get any calls to work today... which is a a bit ironic since I had multiple schools calling last week. But I guess after the long weekend (some Teachers took off Friday and opted yesterday to enjoy a 4-day weekend), there weren't too many people absent. Fortunetely for the Hubby, that means I was able to get my creative cooking juices flowing, and design a nice yet simple menu for tonight's dinner...

A friend of his Business Partner's, who is now working Part-Time for them, is BIG on fishing. Seriously, this guy is always out on his boat catching something... and we have been fortunate enough to benefit from his hobby. He gifted us a fillet of "Snook" and some Lobster Tails... so I decided to use the fish today. I really have no experience with snook because, until now, I've only cooked tilapia when I want some fish fillet... so I went ahead and searched for a nice baked snook recipe, and came up with a baked lemon pepper snook. Looks easy enough ;) Here is the site where I found the recipe:


I didn't have any "lemon pepper" seasoning, so I just added a bit more "lemon juice" and used my pepper mill. I also added black pepper and both regular iodized salt and salt from my salt mill.

As a side dish, I decided to make roasted potatoes (my hubby LOVES potatoes). I normally make roasted rosemary potatoes when I make chicken breast, etc... but for the fish, I decided to change it up a bit. Since I was experimenting, I went ahead and did a little research by searching for a recipe. This is what I came up with:


I substituted the onion powder for garlic powder, and wasn't very rigid with measurements (actually, I didn't measure at all for this one...).

After preparing everything, I must say it all looks GREAT!!!! I will definitely post an update after everything is cooked and eaten ;)

Happy Blogging :)

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  1. Wow sounds great! I needed a potato recipe like that. The other day I roasted some creamer potatoes (the little red ones) and they came out hard. Im going to try this recipe.