Friday, November 20, 2009

I know... I'm such a bad blogger :( But I have a CUPCAKE update :)

I can explain why I have been MIA for so long... things have been a major whirlwind for me lately... but I plan on doing my best to update you on everything that has been going on lately :)

I have definitely been busy baking up a storm in my Lil' Kitchen... and I have a few photos of my creations, starting with the Halloween Cupcakes that were commissioned by Janet, my Mom's friend, and my Un-Official Wedding Planner :) She wanted cupcakes for her Class (she is a 4th Grade Teacher) for their Halloween Celebration on October 28th. Since I was using the Duncan Hine's Boxes for the Batter, I let her know that each box only makes 24, and she needed about 28... so I asked her if there was anyone else she wanted to share with to that I can make 2 boxes instead of one, so there would be enough for her class and another class. Well, 2 boxes turned into 3, and I found myself making 68 cupcakes (yes, I know 3 boxes would've made more, but the chocolate ones made less that 24 since I poured more in each cup)!

I wanted to make something relatively easy and cute... I thought of spiderwebs, and then my Mother suggested spider rings as the actual spiders. This is what I ended up with...

And this is what one box of them looks like, with green and orange frosting too :)

I can safely say that after piping 68 spider webs on these cup-cakes, my hand was killing me!!!!

Apparently, regardless of the pains in my hand, the next day I was inspired to try out a recipe for Buttercream from Scratch...

It turned out AWESOME!!! Definitely had that home-made taste, and was smooth and even... so of course, I just had to make some cupcakes to go with it... and what a better time to try out my new mini's pan from Crate & Barrel than with some Orange cupcakes from scratch :)

They were a hit at rehearsal :) The ladies of Suor Angelica loved them!!!!

Since then, I have also tried out a Pumpkin Cupcake recipe with the same Buttercream frosting which was also a hit :) Sorry no photos of that one, but I will try to take some of the next batch I make... I would like to make some for Thanksgiving :)

Next up, a few more updates...

Happy Blogging!

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