Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hello out there :)

Hello! Just wanted to swing by and say hi...

Nothing much going on lately... contemplating a few things as far as my Singing Career is concerned (like possibly taking off and going to Germany this Summer to audition for some Houses over there), but other than that, I guess I lead a boring life ;) No... not really...

Carmen #8 and #9 (the final performances) are taking place Tonight and Saturday... it's been a good running! The show was very different than what we are used to, but it turned out well, and I am glad I was able to be a part of it... here is a photo from the show...

(act 2, "Toreador")

Since about last November or so, I started a new obsession... Apple! (and I don't mean the fruit). I have always been big into gadgets and techie stuff... but this is a whole new level... it all started when I bought a used MacBook from a friend at the Opera (Thanks, Geo!), and in an instant, I was in love. The programs, the way everything works together, it's... heaven! I will NEVER go back to PC again!!! Last month, that used computer had a hard-drive issue... and since it wasn't really worth it to me to fix it and move on, I decided to sell it and get the brand new one... the features alone were worth it to me :) And you know, the funny thing is, a lot of people won't really admit to really liking all this stuff... I have heard people talk about how they used to always want the latest phone, but that at some point it just wasn't a priority anymore, and then as soon as they can they have a new smartphone in their hand... but me? I am proud to admit that if there's a new gadget, I am looking into it... My Hubby and I are DYING for Verizon to come out with the iPhone 4g (due to release sometime this Summer), and if they don't get the iPhone contract, we are seriously considered canceling with Verizon, and getting another carrier who does have the iPhone... and the iPad? Let me just say, I've already been to the Apple store 3 times to play with it... not sure about purchasing it, just yet, being that it's first generation and all, but that thing is pretty bad-ass... so yea

We took over my In-Laws' business, and it is going well. It's an established Janitorial Supply Business. When it came time for them to close their doors, and officially retire to become full-time Grandparents (after being blessed with their first Grandson last Summer), we spoke with them about keeping the business up and running in order to keep with the agreement to pay the rent at the warehouse my Hubby leased for his own business. It made sense since we already have the warehouse, and the business was running fine... we just need a few new clients. We are currently working on targeting new clients, and already have our first order from a client we plan to steal from our BIGGEST competitor... so this should be good ;)

Anyway, hope everyone is well, and staying cool... we are having some HOT days here in South Florida... so, stay hydrated, Miami ;)

Happy Blogging :)

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