Thursday, April 30, 2009


i feel like a lump on a log...

so yea... i am completely exhausted. this week has felt sooooo long compared to past weeks... and i feel so tired :( had butterfly #2 yesterday (the opera's 2nd performance) and as i previously thought, i am majorly dragging buttocks today... if there has ever been a day in which i felt like doing nothing... IT'S TODAY!!!! and on top of all that... these kids might as well be climbing the walls, and hanging from the light fixtures... they are going BANANAS today...

on top of all that... i feel so emotionally drained. drama.

i am looking forward to the weekend... but it's bittersweet. with performances taking place friday, saturday AND sunday (matinee), my professional exam on saturday morning, a bachelorette party on saturday night... i know i'm going to arrive at monday morning wishing it was friday more than ever.

despite all this... i'm trying to stay positive... hopefully i do get some time to myself... some restful time.

this is why i've been a bit lost lately...

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