Thursday, April 23, 2009

HBO Series: Six Feet Under

For a while, I was super hooked on this dramatic series on HBO... but had to stop watching it after we lost the channel. Now that we got our own cable with Comcast at home, with OnDemand. I was checking out the menus to see what this feather had to offer, and stumbled upon episodes from the show!!! I was so thrilled, and have begun watching it again... I am hooked, once more, on this program. I even got my hubby hooked!!!!

At the moment, I am on Season 4... Lisa, Nate's wife, was missing, and they finally, and unfortunately, found her body washed up on the shore. After matching of dental records, they were able to confirm her identity. Now, Nate is struggling with the reality that his wife is gone, and that his daughter will grow up without a Mother. At the same time, his own mother decided to re-marry on a "whim", and is now beginning to wonder if she made the right choice... David is having panic-attacks after him and Keith decided to have an "open" relationship, Rico has been cheating on Vanessa, until she finally found out and kicked him out of the house, and Claire is confused about her sexuality... this to name a FEW of the situations currently occuring ;)

With all that said... i *heart* this show...

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