Thursday, July 15, 2010

"Die Zauberflöte" & Opera Resources

So for the past month, or so, I have been working with the Riuniti Opera and the Alhambra Orchestra (once again) on a Production of Die Zauberflöte. This is, officially, my 3rd time performing the role of the "Queen of the Night" in Mozart's fantastically funny yet "deep" creation. Click here for more info about this Opera from Wikipedia.

Finally, today, is the first (of two) performance of thi
s show. We will be performing a short version of the Opera at the University of Miami's Gusman Hall for a bunch of kids at Music Camps. It's going to be fun, and honestly (most of all) it'll be good to see our hard work pay off!

Sunday is the second, and final, performance. We will be performaning at Temple Beth Am in Pinecrest, and yes, this will be the full show (with the exception of a cut or two). If you are my Facebook friend, you can see that I posted some info directly onto my page... if you're not my FB friend, you can go ahead and add me! My FB badge is on the right column ;)

I wanted to add the following...

Nowadays, being an Opera singer has gotten SO much easier than it was for the great singers of the past... we have all sorts of online and technological resources... it's just crazy how things have evolved! For example, on iTunes, if you visit the iTunes store and search for "Opera" in
the Podcast section, you can find all s
orts of goodies! For example, there are FREE (yes, I said FREE) podcasts from such companies as the Washington National Opera in D.C. and Seattle Opera. There is the "premieropera's podcast" which features greats from the past as well as today! The possibilities are endless! Check out this screen shot of the iTunes store featuring some of the endless options:

This is, really, only the beginning... there are sites like YAP Tracker, Aria-Database and so much more (but we'll got into all of that some other time)! ;) It truly makes our lives so much easier! Just think... no more sitting in the libr
ary for hours looking through those old, moldy, translation books... just look it up! Most of the time, you'll find what you're looking for ;)

Happy Blogging!

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