Wednesday, July 21, 2010

House/Puppy Sitting and Updates

As of July 16th, the Hubby and I are on House/Puppy Sitting Duty for our Friends Alex and Michelle while they are in France. It's a nice change from being at my in-laws for the past 5 months due to mold issues in our home. It's definitely different than being over there where my Mother in Law is almost always home taking care of our Nephew. I find myself being alone once in a while, just me and the dogs... and it's kind of nice. Reminds me of when we used to be in our own place.

Our friends' bed sure is comfy, though... that is one thing I really must say I look forward to. We have a queen bed of our own, and have been sleeping in a full since February... so upgrading to a super soft KING bed is definitely fantastic. I have been sleeping sooooooo well, I can't even begin to elaborate, for no words would be enough... I really do love our current sleeping arrangement!

On another note, I officially started my own personal Business with Mary Kay last week, and have my first Pampering Session tonight with a couple of my cousins. Should be fun! I need the practice... Honestly, I have to say that I love the Mary Kay products... they have changes so much since the last time I remember trying them, and honestly, the new face of Mary Kay kicks all the skin care competition out of the water... not to mention that their products really are good! So many women in America SWEAR by them! And all of those women have beautiful skin... It is NEVER too late, nor too EARLY, to start an anti-aging regimen. They even have a ling for Teenagers AND for men! It's fantastic. If you want more info, you can go ahead and e-mail me at! I would be glad to set up a pampering session for you and 3 friends (did I mention you get a free gift if you do??) or maybe a pedicure party?? ;) Martinis and Makeovers? Whatever tickles your fancy!! Can you tell I'm excited?? Not to mention I have this huge goal to do 30 faces in 30 d
ays!!! It's going to be a lot of work, but I know I will do it!

So I had an audition this past weekend in St. Augustine with First Coast Opera. Looked like a very promising one... but we shall see! Apparently, if I get hired, I'll be in St. Augustine the last 3 weeks in October... It will all depend on what the offer is, but I think I should be cool with that ;) I also have an audition on August 28th in Naples, Fl. I'll be heading up there with a good friend of mine, Miguel Llerena. Should be fun!

Until next time!

Happy Blogging! :)

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