Thursday, October 22, 2009

Anniversary/Valentine's Plans are in the works!!!

Mr. R and I have been throwing around ideas to celebrate our Anniversary/Valentines and even his Birthday (which is February 24th). I think we have finally decided what we want to do... A weekend in NYC!!!

As of now, we are planning to leave on February 12th, and return the 15th (Friday to Monday). We will have plenty of time to go sightseeing, have a Romantic Dinner, and absorb NYC in all it's awesomeness... We also want to see the Musical Avenue Q, which recently went off Broadway...

We can't wait!! This is SUPER exciting!!! Of course for our REAL Anniversary, we will stay home, sip champagne and eat the top tier of our Wedding Cake... but 3 weeks later, the celebrating will be in FULL SWING!! I love my Husband :) He's the GREATEST!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!! :)

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