Friday, October 2, 2009

We've got ourselves a "stud" ;)

So for the past few months, Mr. R and I have talked about breeding our
Miniature Pinscher,

Isn't she just precious? :)

We finally decided that when she went into her next heat, we would breed her for the last time. She had 2 puppies about 4 years ago, but Mr. R wasn't in the picture at that time... and also, this time, we want to keep 1 female.

That heat came 11 days ago, and today is the day. I will be picking up her "stud" this afternoon when I get out of work at our friend's house. Ironically, this "friend" is an ex of mine, but he happens to be the cousin of my friend who introduced me to my Hubby. Yea I know, a bit "complicated". I know what you're thinking... how awkward is that? But actually, I must report that it isn't wierd at all... we even traveled to Disney together once with him and his ex-girlfriend.

So anyway, I am going to go pick up Max, and bring him home to Madison so they can PD (Puppy Dance) all weekend. This is going to be hilarious! Let's hope for a successful weekend, and for a happy and healthy 2 months for our Shushu :)

Happy Blogging!


  1. If you post pictures, I will just die of laughter ;-D

  2. Video please hahahaha! Brent loves Miniature Pinschers :)

  3. I don't know if I want to see any video's or pictures, but good luck!!!

  4. LoL!!!! You guys are too much... we didn't take pictures OR videos, actually. But there are some on YouTube that we looked up to make sure everything was happening the way it should (it's a lot more complicated than you think... especially for a first timer like Max). ;)