Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Party and Weekend Update :)

Hello everyone! Well, it was a busy weekend, to say the least, but a great one. We had AWESOME weather here in South Florida... and I think the word "AWESOME" is an understatement for how great the weather really was... but that's another story ;)

Sunday was our Nephew's Baptism, followed by a luncheon at my In-Laws. We had a great time! It was a beautiful day, and everything turned out beautifully! I missed the actual Baptism due to a rehearsal conflict. I was given a small role in the Opera "Suor Angelica" with Florida Grand Opera, and am required to attend several rehearsals, some even during the day on week days. But, I am actually getting paid a salary vs. hourly now, so I don't mind! :)

As you might already know, on Friday the Hubby and I hosted a "Movie Premier Night" to showcase our Wedding Film (recap of film in earlier post). We invited many, and many attended. Let's just say our little house was "busting at the seams"... but we had an AWESOME time! The decorations really brought the house to life, along with all our very lively friends and family who attended. Here are some photos... All the logos, Custom Popcorn bags, and door signs were designed by me. Enjoy! :)
The Red Carpet for my A-List Friends & Family
VIP Entrance
Custom Popcorn Bags
"Rock Star" Wall, complete with Custom Logos
Movie Time!
Live performances, thanks to "RockBand"

Awards for the "A-Listers"

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