Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hello :)

Our weekend was nothing short of interesting... if you read my previous post, you already know that this weekend went to the dogs. ;) Poor little Max tried really hard, and finally "tied" on Sunday. He was a first timer, and had a little trouble getting where he needed to go, but we assisted him, and he finally DID IT! :) Hopefully in about 60 days we will see the fruits of his efforts...

Yesterday, I did not work. I stayed home and began cleaning up the disaster that remained after a very hectic weekend (Max is mostly an outside Dog, and decided he would mark his territory all over our house... I nicknamed him "Swiffer WetJet"). After cleaning up for the most of the day, I went off to Teach 3 lessons... my last lesson of the day was for an 8th grader named Audrey who is very talented, and a very hard worker. Honestly, for a 13 year-old, her work ethic astounds me. :)

Today, I am working... as I will be Thursday and Friday... but this week is that much sweeter because... OUR WEDDING VIDEO IS READY!!!! I can't wait to see it... and of course, soon, I will be able to share something I've had in the works for some time. ;)

Hope everyone is having a fantastic week so far...

Happy Blogging :)

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