Thursday, October 1, 2009

Last Night's Lobster...

So last night, I decided to go ahead and cook the 2 lobster tails that my hubby was given by the guy that works with him. I was going to cook them traditionally, but I realized that one was A LOT smaller than the other, which is when I decided to rip all the meat out, and toss it with some pasta. I bought some barilla plus spaghetti (too bad they don't make it in fetuccini style), some creamy alfredy sauce and a little crab (I just had to...).

I took each lobster tail, and emptied it out onto the cutting board, cut it up into chunks, and set it all aside. In a deep skillet, I combined olive oil, salt and pepper (from the mills) and some parsely. I tossed in the lobster at medium heat, and let it simmer for a few. Then, I added the crab, which was already cut up. I added a bit more salt, pepper and parsely, and covered it, occasionaly stirring. Meanwhile, I had the pasta boiling simultaneously. When the pasta was ready, I drained it, and added the sauce directly to the spaghetti. At that point, it was time to eat... I served the pasta on the plate, and then scooped some of the cooked lobster and crab on top.

It was delicious. We INHALED it. Mr. R couldn't stop saying how good it was! This is why I have no pretty pictures to show. Sorry. Next time I make it, I'll try and snap a few ;)

Happy Blogging! :)

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